Our Approach & Advantages

A Long-term, Scalable Business Approach

Our operating businesses – billboards, bonds and broadband – are the backbone of our business. They require significant upfront investment in order to scale, then provide steadily growing cash flow. They aren’t complicated yet require disciplined, intelligent execution.

In each, we have assembled a first-class team with expertise not only to run the businesses for the long-term, but also to identify and evaluate further opportunities in each of their sectors. These businesses have the potential to scale over time, and provide Boston Omaha with an increasing source of cash to re-invest in existing businesses and, every once in a while, new opportunities.

Everything outside our operating businesses, to date, can best be described as investments that fall under our fourth core business: Boston Omaha Asset Management.

Returns in the investment business show up in our accounting figures in a less consistent way, oftentimes subject to a specific accounting rule or to market prices. Although these investments can lack the reliability and consistency reporting wise of our operating businesses, they have to date provided our company with far higher returns over a shorter period.

A Review of Our Framework for the Road Ahead

We think it’s a better use of time to lay out our general decision-making plan rather than try to predict the future.


Get Incentives Right

Aligning incentives is hard but worth constant iteration to achieve good results.



Give a talented person a job to do and leave them alone.


Long-term Thinking

Think in whole seasons, not in quarters.


Focus on Cash

Over time, a business needs to produce more cash than it consumes. The more obvious that is, the greater our interest.



Be a partner you want to partner with.

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