General Indemnity

Challenging the Way We Look at the Insurance Business

General Indemnity Group (GIG) is an insurance holding company founded in 2015. The company specializes in acquiring and operating companies that underwrite and distribute insurance products. 

The innovative GIG team grows businesses by building digital, online offerings and modernizing outdated systems and workflows. They transform paper processes and methods of the past into more efficient digital and automated routines. Their expertise in data visualization, systems engineering, software design, product management, IT and HR is exceptional.

Since its incorporation in October 2015, GIG has acquired five surety-only agencies, as well as an A- Excellent” (AM Best rating) monoline surety insurance company., United Casualty and Surety. United Casualty & Surety is licensed to write surety policies in all 50 states, and is approved by the United States Department of the Treasury (Dept. Circular 570) to bond federal projects throughout the United States.