Boston Omaha Asset Management

Committed Stewards of Your Capital 

Boston Omaha Asset Management (BOAM) is an asset management firm. Our primary objective is to achieve long-term returns while limiting the risk of capital and purchasing power loss. We take an active approach to investing with a focus on our clients to optimize results and identify the most compelling opportunities now and anticipating what’s to comes in the future.

Boston Omaha Asset management takes a long-range approach when expending capital, while having the disciplined patience to act decisively when the appropriate opportunities emerge.

Your Dedicated Partner in Asset Management

In every one of BOAM’s funds, we are an investor alongside our investment partners and treat all capital as if it were our own. 

BOAM maintains investment holdings in banking, home building, aviation infrastructure, and commercial real estate services.

Equity Deployed*

Individual Transactions

Unique Industries

*Boston Omaha Corporation’s total invested capital, including wholly owned businesses through 9/2022