Built on a Dream to Provide the Internet to the Underserved

AireBeam is one of Arizona’s fastest growing fiber-to-home and fixed wireless internet service providers. The company successfully delivers affordable, accessible internet access and innovative solutions to rural communities across state. 

AireBeam was born from a need the company founders observed in 2004. Rural Arizona residents themselves, they noted a lack of access to reliable internet service in the area. In fact, most of the population couldn’t even handle small, day-to-day tasks via the internet.

AireBeam is now a determined force for change in their local communities. They believe everyone should have access to fast, reliable internet service, especially the underserved.

Acquisition by Boston Omaha Corporation

In 2020, AireBeam was acquired by Boston Omaha Corporation. This alliance allows them to plan for additional Fiber-to-Home projects and expand services to not only consumers, but also to home builders, developers, build-to-rent communities, RV parks and others.